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Garner Resolution and
Economic Justice In Matters of Significance
Creating Better Outcomes, For Less Money

Power to Get Justice Book
“If you’re preparing to go through, or in the middle of a situation of significance where the possibility exists that justice may not be served, you need this book! It’s about a step-by-step process that can help you create leverage, urgency and action around matters of importance to you; personally or professionally, improving the probability of garnering a better outcome for less money. I’ve used this process off and on for over 20 years and it works. You should learn it and use it.”
– Tom M. Small Business Owner & CEO
Michael A. Boylan

Michael A. Boylan

Bestselling Author & Speaker

My name is Michael A. Boylan, national bestselling author of three business books published by St. Martin’s Press and Penguin Random House. I’m also the single father of a special-needs adult child who has rocked my world. I am passionate about helping people and organizations garner resolution and justice in matters of significance based on my background and experiences, helping them achieve better outcomes in matters of great importance to them, their families and their working lives, for less money.