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Our Mission

My name is Michael A. Boylan, national bestselling author of three business books published by St. Martin’s Press and Penguin Random House. I’m also the single father of a special-needs adult child who has rocked my world. I am passionate about helping people and organizations garner resolution and justice in matters of significance based on my background and experiences, helping them achieve better outcomes in matters of great importance to them, their families and their working lives, for less money.

My first book, The Power to Get In, (1997) introduced a step-by-step process called The Circle of Leverage System, which helped professionals gain access to the highest levels of organizations faster/more effectively/systematically, to those who had the power and authority to make a decision. The process has helped over 100,000 professionals achieve more success because it gave them access to the highest levels of companies more effectively, by creating urgency and action. My process has proven effective/successful over a period of 20+ years with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations the likes of Microsoft, IBM, ADP, Ceridian, Cap Gemini, NCR, NEC Technologies, Blackberry, Robert Half International, Insperity, and many others.

To my surprise, over the course of several years, people would call and share that they’d used the process in a manner in which it was not originally designed for. They used it to garner resolution in matters of significance to them to achieve an outcome they were after. Situations such as;

They’d been taken advantage of in a professional or business-related matter.
They’d been slighted by an auto/property/casualty insurance claim.
Their health insurance company denied a claim or was negotiating to pay less.
They needed to get their special-needs child or loved one an appointment with a specialist and/or into a medical institution.
They were fighting with an assisted living/memory care/nursing home facility not delivering the proper care for their loved one, although they were getting billed for that care every month.
They were unhappy with the facility their loved one was in because the care was not as it was supposed to be.
They were a military veteran but couldn’t get the care they were due from the VA.
They were being given the run-around regarding their disability insurance claims, though they’d already submitted all the necessary documentation for their claim to the insurance company, who were playing games of denial, delay and avoidance.

These are examples where the process was helping them confront unjust situations and garner resolution in matters of significance. These stories opened my eyes to the fact that my process—a process that for over 20+ years had helped over 100,000 professionals to gain access to the highest levels of decision-makers and organizations—had a broader application in helping a boatload more people in personal and business-related matters to improve the probability of achieving resolution and economic justice faster, for less money.

Garnering justice was the central theme of the stories! The process gave them a toolset they could use on matters of significance that resulted in resolution and a savings of thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars. This helped me understand that my process had the ability to help a larger audience achieve better outcomes. So I enhanced/repurposed the process so it could help level the playing field for millions of 99-percenters in our country, and benefit small businesses by helping them garner resolution faster, for less money, by improving clarity in their agreements and contracts, reducing disputes. This is important because most people don’t have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to engage the legal process when a dispute comes along—with the hope of getting resolution quickly. The process helped people create urgency and action to improve the probability of achieving a favorable result faster.

Here’s why this is a big deal.

If you were not already aware—as of December 17, 2018, “Justice” was selected as Merriam-Webster’s 2018 Word of the Year! The press release states, “The concept of justice was at the center of many of our national debates over the past year: racial justice, social justice, economic justice.”—A word on the minds of people in the U.S. and around the world. Why? Because millions believe they are not getting economic justice in matters of significance and need help achieving it. This process can improve your chances of attaining it because it helps you gain access to those who have the authority to grant resolution by creating urgency, awareness and action around your specific situation/matter. This is important since most people have no idea who to reach out to, or how to gain access to the correct executives to present their situation and resolve their matter successfully.

Because I have experienced significant financial injustice to the tune of millions of dollars in matters I am not permitted to discuss, my passion is to help others garner resolution and economic justice when they are in “David vs. Goliath” situations and need help. My hope is that my experience and process will help others when they are being bullied/ignored/taken advantage of in personal/business-related matters and will assist them in garnering a better outcome for less money.

That’s the purpose of The 99-Percenters Network. To create a community where people can learn about the process and improve their chances of garnering resolution in matters of significance, sharing stories of how they used the process to garner resolution, fostering a collective knowledge and support network that benefits all of us. Join the network. Basic membership is free.

We live in a world where the likelihood of finding yourself in personal and professional situations that require you to push hard on this or that matter (every year) are high. Therefore, I can’t stress enough how important this process could be in your life! It can help you be prepared so you are not caught off guard when unjust situations or matters of significance arise in your life.

Learn the basics by getting The Power To Get Justice book —the first in a series of six, where the process is explained along with success stories of how people have garnered resolution as a result.

The process is not a replacement for the legal process. Rather, a common-sense-based approach to help resolve situations that may not require legal assistance, or, if they do, the process can be beneficial in helping resolve the matter faster, and often, for less money than a typical legal action might require. Depending on the situation or matter at issue, the process can be used without any legal assistance, or in concert with legal assistance. The choice is solely yours. It’s designed as a toolkit that can be immensely powerful and useful on a myriad of matters, improving the likelihood of resolving them for less money.

We’ve made the process easy to learn via the following choices:

  1. The Power To Get Justice Book and Audio Program
  2. The Power To Get Justice Public Seminars
  3. Membership in The 99-Percenters Network to access application templates, podcasts and the author
  4. Application guidance & consulting services from the author and certified consultants
  5. User summits where application guidance and success stories are shared