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Value of the Process

Over the course of our lives, most of us will encounter numerous situations (personal and professional) requiring our focused attention to resolve in order to avoid having to become more aggressive by potentially involving a lawyer or the legal process. Most of us would rather not “get legal” if we can avoid it due to the expense and the length of time it can take to secure resolution via the legal process.

There are certain situations/matters that will require legal guidance or representation. However, there are numerous matters that could be resolved with focused effort and a process you can customize to your situation/matter, to attempt to resolve it on your own first, or if you prefer, in concert with a lawyer, depending upon the significance or magnitude of the matter.

Below are just a few examples of where this process could be effective and provide legitimate value in helping garner better outcomes, sometimes faster than the typical legal process could provide, for less money:

Being taken advantage of by a business partnership, resolving things before they blow up
Slighted by an auto/property/casualty insurance claim
Slighted by a home repair/maintenance provider/contractor
Awaiting a death benefit payout from a life insurance policy that is months or years late
Unfairly denied payment for a health insurance claim or worse, coverage was cancelled
Overcharged by your internet/cable/mobile phone provider
Struggling to get your special-needs child an appointment with a specialist at a medical institution
Fighting with an assisted living/memory care/nursing home facility to deliver the standard of care your loved one is due
Facing a potential legal battle for your intellectual property, lifted by a much larger organization
In a business partnership that is not abiding by the terms of the agreement
Being overcharged regarding a recent hospital visit causing significant financial pressure
Being given the run-around by an insurance company regarding a disability insurance/long-term care claim they are disputing
Injured on the job, but can’t find a lawyer to take your case because they’re saying there’s not enough money in it for them
Unable to get your special-needs child an IEP (individualized education plan) from the school though it’s the state law
Reducing the volume of legal disputes and disagreements in business, helping reduce legal spend
Helping Veterans resolve their disability claims with the VA faster, more efficiently, for less money, stress and hassle

These are a few examples where this process could be of great value to you, your family and your company.

The process provides an effective approach to use in matters that require attention, urgency and action to help get your matter heard at the proper levels, improving the likelihood of garnering resolution. An ethical, common-sense-based system which has been enhanced and repurposed to help resolve and/or get justice around situations/matters or events in your personal or professional life which are of high importance, where you have proof you have been wronged, or could be, if certain things don’t happen. Or where you need action around some matter that impacts you, your family or your professional life.

A process that could save thousands or tens of thousands in situations where you may not need legal representation, but rather, a big bat to force attention and urgency around a situation or matter to gain attention, resolution or justice; whatever that might look like in your situation.


The company, its founder/CEO, senior leadership, consultants, master licensees and affiliates do not dispense legal advice under any circumstance. The trademarked process is not about the law, the legal system, court system, or how they work; nor is it about how to avoid, get around or short-circuit the legal process. Certain matters will require the expertise of a lawyer to advise on how to use the legal process to garner the resolution the client is seeking, depending upon the matter and its potential magnitude. Therefore, this step-by-step process is not a replacement for the legal process.

What the process does provide is an additional toolset that can be used either on its own or in concert with legal counsel, depending upon the matter at issue. The process provides what could be considered the common person’s toolkit and solution for improving the likelihood of garnering a better outcome, resolution or justice around a myriad of personal or professional situations/matters/events of importance. In some cases, this process can provide results faster, for thousands or tens of thousands less than what the legal process could cost in terms of dollars invested. Use of the process can never guarantee the user will garner a positive outcome––just as use of a lawyer or the legal process can never guarantee a positive client outcome. It is simply a common-sense process that can help bring more attention and urgency to a matter, increasing the likelihood of resolution in less time, for less money.