Free Informational Videos

To deliver value for our members and those attempting to learn about this process and how it could help them resolve their situations more efficiently, we provide free informational vignettes by the author and creator of the process designed to help you learn about the process and determine your best course(s) of action in the application of the process for your situation and/or matter of significance.

Each informational video vignette discusses a different application of the process around areas of significance where people and small businesses need help attaining resolution more effectively, for less money. They are categorized as follows:


Brief overview of the value of the process

Vignette One

Setting the stage (applications of the process; personal and professional)

Vignette Two

The core concept behind a process that can increase your chances garnering resolution and justice to matters of significance, faster, more effectively, for less money.

Vignette Three

Garnering resolution and justice around a matter with your health insurance company, faster, more effectively, for less money.

Vignette Four

Reducing confusion in business related matters by creating more clarity on the front end, reducing disagreements, legal disputes and legal fees, making your business run more smoothly!

Vignette Five

Garnering resolution and economic justice in matters with your healthcare insurance company or hospital regarding medical bills, so you are not left hostage to their power, leverage and intimidation tactics.

Vignette Six

Garnering resolution and economic justice in matters that result from the Coronavirus situation.