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Application Guidance

Get Results, for less money

There are a myriad of ways to apply the step-by-step process in personal and/or professional situations that require urgency and action to garner the resolution and/or justice you are seeking. The process is highly adaptable. It can be applied in hundreds of scenarios to enhance the likelihood of garnering a positive result––sometimes faster than the legal process (if the legal process is even necessary in your matter), for less money.

How the Process Works

Once you read The Power To Get Justice or attend a seminar, you’ll have a basic understanding of how the process works and be ready for coaching on how to apply it in numerous ways to provide additional value. Here are some options:
Access to basic application templates you can download and use as your guide to shape/tailor your messaging and approach around the specifics of your situation/issue/matter in your efforts to garner a better outcome.
Podcasts by the author where he will teach/explain how to tailor and apply the process in different scenarios to help you use the process effectively to garner the outcomes you seek. Podcasts will be pre-recorded (audio and video) so you can access them at your convenience.
Live teleconferences/webcasts with the author where you can attain application guidance on how to tailor your use of the process around your situation/issue or matter.