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Help For Small/Mid-sized Businesses

It’s become increasingly prevalent! Larger organizations enter into agreements with smaller companies, whereby, in the event that any condition of the agreement is violated or not adhered to, smaller companies usually don’t have the financial muscle to fight the matter via the traditional legal process because of how costly, time-consuming and inefficient the process is, and how long it can take for a matter to resolve; years, in many cases. And when it does resolve, the other side can file an appeal if they don’t like the ruling, forcing you to do it all over again, adding even more time and expense, which most smaller organizations don’t have the bandwidth to handle.
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Get wise to the trend

Larger organizations use this nonsense to their advantage, knowing the lion’s share of the risk in these agreements lies with the smaller companies, which are sometimes fleeced of their intellectual property, trade secrets and know-how by larger organizations who have a legion of lawyers and the capital to play games with the legal process itself––extending the process as they see fit until they garner the resolution they are seeking, while draining the financial resources of their adversaries. It’s all done with precision.

Smaller organizations need to get wise to this trend and install language in their agreements that more effectively protects them as they enter into contractual agreements with larger entities to help reduce the volume of confusion and disputes, better protecting themselves if and when a disagreement ensues. We offer consulting in this area that can help reduce disputes and legal spend.